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Segway Dolny Slask – Segway Tours – Wroclaw Poland

Explore Wroclaw Poland on a Segway and see the city from a different perspective. We offer 3 different itineraries. We will advise you which route will be best for you depending on how much time you spend on sightseeing, existing knowledge of Wroclaw and the extent of your interest in the history of the city or the desire of acquiring more fun he is riding the Segway.

Green Route map: Green Route runs through the following objects: -PL. Cathedral – Botanical Garden – the Peace Bridge -Most Grunwald -Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego – ZOO – old Oder River basin – Szczytnicki Park – Old Oder – Coast Pasteur -Politechnika Wroclaw -Bulwar Frederic Joliot-Curie-Pl.Katedralny route recommended for those who want first of all rut the Segway, are less inclined to visit the historic part of the city and the very center. This route runs mostly through the grounds of the old Oder and Szytnickiego Park, where we learn some important historical places, but above all it is a kind of stroll green squares. A unique opportunity to enter the Botanical Garden is a pleasant surprise for people who are on foot from afar bypass this type of place. The duration of 1.5 hours.

Red Map routes: Red Route runs through the following objects: -PL. Cathedral – Cathedral Island -Most tumski -Mosty Młyńskie -Wyspa Malt -Most Sand -Zakład Ossolińscy -University of Wroclaw -Most University -Dzielnica Four Denominations -Bulwar Jasinski -Promenada Old Town -Świdnicka -Rynek-Pl. Sol ny -Kościół St. Elizabeth -Jatki -Nożownicza -Więzienna -Kużnicza -Szewska -PL. Nowy Targ – Pl.Dominikański park Slovak (Museum of Architecture, Racławice Panorama) -Most of Peace -PL. Cathedral. Duration 3 Hours

Orange Map routes leads through the following objects: -PL. Cathedral-Cathedral Island -Wyspy on the Oder (Malt, Bielarska, Mill, Sand) Hal Market -Bulwar Dunikowskiego -Bastion Ceglarski park Slovak -Podwale -Promenada Stramoiejska -place Theatre Hotel Monopoly -Opera Wroclaw -Świdicka -pl. Kosciuszko -Piłsudskiego -Bus main -PL. Dominican -pl. Nowy Targ -Ostrów tumski -PL. Cathedral Duration 2 hours

We offer tours to the following places in Lower Silesia:
around Adit in Janowice
Castle Topacz
Grodno Castle
entrance to the Sleza
entrance to the Great Owl
Secrets of Lower Silesia
Secrets of World War II in Lower Silesia
And any other that you only come to mind – please contact us if you have any individual ideas, which we will try to arrange.

Rent a Segway to ride, preferably after Park Slovak or Szczytnicki as much time as you want to have fun and try what fun is riding the Segway – we invite you to take a ride for the price of 1 PLN / 1 min drive (minimum running time 20 min., In travel time do not include the time needed for learning to ride)

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