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Segtours Decouverte – Segway Tours – Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines France

CIRCUIT WALKING AND HIKING SEGWAY Segtours Discovery prepared nature walks, tailored to tour by Segway. After an introduction of about 10 minutes, you go on nature on hiking paths. You discover a new way to walk in nature and enjoy the scenery in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines France.

Vineyard Tour

The Alsatian vineyard, and of course tasting that goes … In collaboration with Jean Huttard wines in Zellenberg, enjoy a walk in the Alsace vineyards, in the midst of the great vintages, on the heights of Hunawihr, Riquewihr and Zellenberg and complete this beautiful hike with a tasting at JEAN HUTTARD

Circuit around the Haycot

To discover the pleasures of the Segway, made ​​on very accessible paths, tour the Haycot, one of the peaks of the Val d’Argent and enjoy a panoramic view breathtaking, more than 1000 meters altitude

Circuit Coast Echery

This circuit extends the circuit “top of Echery” to continue on this locality called “Coast Echery” that offers a breathtaking view of the valley, St Pierre on Haste The Brézouard the Haycot

Circuit Bagenelles-Haycot

From the pass Bagenelles and its exceptional view over the valley, a forest path will take you to Haycot for a magnificent view of the valley, at over 1000 meters altitude.

Forestum-Circuit Freedom

From the Petite Lièpvre a very practicable path will lead you through the forest, through the forestum until the tree of liberty at 900 meters. Situated on a square in between the Vosges and Alsace limit, tranquility and serenity will be at the rendezvous.

Circuit Violu

After a climb in a pine forest, discover 14-18 of War vestiges taking the path that will lead you to the place of the tree of freedom. For the return, passing by the “Violu” to enjoy this breathtaking view of the valley.

Circuit star cabin

From this lovely place is St. Pierre on Haste, a peaceful path will discover views, forest and streams, until reaching the hut of the Star. The return will be by Rauenthal, along the creek and entered mines in peace, thwarting the imperfections of the land

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