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Segs Segway Tours – Tel Aviv Israel

SEGS, guided tours on Segway Personal Transporters (PT), is the newest and most exciting way to discover the dynamic and vibrant city of Tel Aviv, the city that never stops! Enjoy the sounds, sights and people as you glide effortlessly through the fast-paced city in the most environmentally friendly way. Begin your Segway tour with an easy, 15-minute training session and you are ready to start your amazing adventure. Your tour guide will lead you through the modern city and the fascinating stories from the past.

Choose from SEGS and the City, SEGS in the Park, SEGS on the Beach or SEGS @ Night. Bring your family, co-workers and friends so everyone can enjoy a fun-filled Segway tour! And don’t forget to bring your camera!

Experience Tel Aviv like you never have before!

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