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Guara Segway Tours – Alquezar Spain

In Guara Segway we offer you the opportunity to try the Segway PT X2. This one is the type designed to try outdoors routes. We invite you to try a new way of moving in nature. Beside learning to use it, you will entertain and know first hand the most spectacular routes of Guara mountain range.

The Nature reserve of canyoning Guara’s Canyons, somontano region and its exquisite wines, canyoning, cave art, reservation of rupicolous birds. Our situation offers you many possibilities of exploring the real rural and natural tourism.

Guara Segway is in Guara Mountains, a mountainous chain that forms a part of the Pre-Pyrenees Huesca. It is a question of a mountain chain placed to the northwest of Huesca, that it spreads between the rivers Guatizalema and Alcanadre. Its major attraction is in Its oriental part, in the Nature reserve of the mountain range and Guara canyons its. Its higher point is Guara’s mountain of 2.077 meters of altitude.

Four main rivers, the Flumen, the Guatizalema, the Alcanadre and the Vero form a few geological forms of caves, simas and canyons that are proper for practice of canyoning and other sports adventure, as climbing. But not only thanks to water, the mountain range lives. The Mediterranean forests alternated with the pastures, offer the visitors quantity of routes to do on foot, cycling and in our case, in Segway
Guara mountain range is one of the most important protected zones in Europe as reservation of birds rupícolas. Look up means seeing vultures and some ospreys in their natural habitat. On the other hand, to know Guara means to study closely the cave paintings – made about the year BC 22.000 a.c. – that those hunters painted in the Pyrenees stone.

In its eviroment you can find villages like Abiego,Alquezar,Adahuesca,Colungo or Barbastro, Somontano region capital. In these villages, you will be able to enjoy the best Spanish gastronomy,and taste the local wines that are made in our Somontano lands.

Sierra de guara, 22145 Alquézar, Spain

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